Altec Lansing T612 (NEW) April 9, 2008

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Full-range Sound
Four specially engineered speakers smoothly reproduce music across the full audio spectrum.

Powerful, Deep Bass
XdB™ bass-enhancement technology creates deep bass without a subwoofer.

Built-in Dock for iPhone and iPod
Docks and recharges your iPhone and dockable iPod.

Never Miss a Call
When a call comes in, the music stops so you can hear your call.

Immune to mobile phone interference
The T612 doesn’t pick up annoying intermittent noises emitted by mobile phones. So there’s no need to put your iPhone in flight mode!

Wireless Remote
Track forward/back, volume, and bass/treble controls are at your fingertips.

Elegant, Wall-mountable design
Looks great in your living room or mounted on the wall (wall-mounting kit available separately).

MP3 Player Jack
Connect your MP3 player or CD player at the same time as your iPhone.

Live your iPhone life to the fullest by pairing it with the extraordinary sound and intuitive convenience of the Altec Lansing T612. Made to complement iPhone’s command of the digital world, the T612 extends your iPhone’s high-end audio capabilities with beautifully transparent music reproduction. 60 Watts of power RMS (120 Watts Peak) fill the room while keeping you perfectly in touch – because with the T612 there’s no need to use “Flight Mode” while you listen to music. Instead, keep the phone turned on; when a call comes in the T612 gives priority to the call by interrupting the music.

More details, click here


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