How to remove W32.Myzor.FK@yf April 9, 2008

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w32.myzor.fk@yf is a virus like the picture below says. BUT, this virus was created by “scum-bags” that want to sell you their programs to remove it. In the picture below, If you click ok, you might be taken to a site called MaleWareWipe.com, BraveSentry.com, PestTrap.com. All of these sites sell “rogue spyware“. Rogue spyware developers create trojans that cause false popups to trick a user into buying these programs. At first, signs of W32.myzor.fk@yf infection starts in your system tray with alerts. It eventually evolves into hijacking your browser. When this happens, you can’t open your browser without being redirected to this site below where you get this popup.


How Did I Get Infected With w32.myzor.fk@yf

The top methods for being infected with w32.myzor.fk@yf, and possibly other types of spyware, is that you’re not following good security practices, AND you don’t have a good anti-spyware program OR your security settings are too low.

Below are a few of the possible methods you might have become infected with w32.myzor.fk@yf.

Method #1: You downloaded a freeware or shareware program. Spyware is often found hidden in freeware/shareware programs. Learn more about the program before you download it. Many “free” programs in the end aren’t free at all. They can cost you your PC, passwords, and personal information theft.

Method #2: You installed a peer-to-peer (P2P) or shared network application. Some peer-to-peer file sharing programs may come bundled with w32.myzor.fk@yf or other forms of spyware as an add-on software.

Method #3: You stumbled upon a questionable website. By visiting the wrong website you can accidentally click on a link that can automatically install unwanted software including w32.myzor.fk@yf. Many websites can trick you by displaying a fake security pop-up that may install w32.myzor.fk@yf or direct you to a purchase page.

Method #4: Downloading bogus media player codec. This is a new trap for you to fall in. If your media play says it needs a codec to play a video or audio file, download it from a reputable site. Fake codec site are resonsible for thousands of rogue spyware infections like w32.myzor.fk@yf.


Try to go through this webpage and you can find useful information on how to remove w32.myzor.fk@yf.


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