Sony-Ericsson XPERIA™ X1 to be powered by Windows Mobile 6 April 9, 2008

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Sony Ericsson today confirmed that it will be running Windows Mobile® 6.1 on its stand-out arc-slider phone, XPERIA™ X1, the innovative multimedia phone announced at this year’s Mobile World Congress. Using Windows Mobile® 6.1, together with Sony Ericsson’s unique XPERIA™ panel user interface (UI), will enable a highly user-focused experience with enhanced connectivity, messaging and multimedia features.

As the mobile broadband comes of age, consumers are waking up to the vast array of multimedia services and content they can access on the move through their mobile phone. The XPERIA™ X1 from Sony Ericsson enables consumers to personalise their experiences through a distinctive touch screen, panel-based UI creating an interface which is uniquely relevant to them and how they live their lives. This continually active desktop allows users to organise the phone’s active dashboard as they want, changing between panels just like they change their mood, activity and information needs in the course of every day.

“No two individuals have the same tastes and desires. Sony Ericsson’s XPERIA™ X1 has been developed to ensure that mobile web communication and multimedia entertainment can be tailored, putting the individual at the heart of the mobile experience in a uniquely personal way,” said Rikko Sakaguchi, Head of Portfolio and Propositions, Sony Ericsson.

Operators will also be able to custom build the touch panels that run on the XPERIA™ X1 to provide the consumer with a rich, aggregated offering of their applications and services. In addition, Sony Ericsson also plans to align with key partners around the panel technology to enable them to develop exciting applications that can be enjoyed by users on the XPERIA™ X1.

The Sony Ericsson XPERIA™ brand of multimedia mobile phones will bring a totally new user experience to the mobile phone market, putting the consumer at the heart of their experience and allowing the individual to create a touch panel dashboard that is unique to them and how they live their life.

The Sony Ericsson XPERIA™ X1 will be available in selected markets in the second half of 2008


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