The Return of Storm Riders April 9, 2008

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Asian movie fans, rejoice! After 10 years, Aaron Kwok and Ekin Cheng have agreed to reunite in the sequel to their record-breaking blockbuster, Storm Riders. “It’s been a long while,” a youthful 43-year-old Aaron told a press conference at the Hong Kong Filmart. “Hopefully, the audience will see how E-kin and I have grown as actors all these years.”

We will storm into the cinemas. Watch us!

Only Aaron and Ekin are the original cast retained in the sequel. The rest have been replaced by the likes of Simon Yam, Charlene Choi, Tang Yan and Nicholas Tse. Sitting at the helm of the HK$100 million (RM50 million) project will be twins director duo, the Pang Brothers. (The Eye)

Based on Chinese comic master, Ma Wing Shing’s best-seller comic, Fung Wan, The Storm Riders II follows the journey of warriors Wind (Ekin Cheng) and Cloud (Aaron Kwok) who were both raised by an evil warlord who wanted to rule the world and attained immortality.

Set to be released next year, The Storm Riders II will be distributed in Malaysia by Golden Screen Cinemas.


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