Asus’ Supercooled EN9600 April 12, 2008

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Asus has introduced their ASUS EN9600GT SILENT/HTDI/512M graphics card which incorporates the latest thermal solution – the V-Cool Heatsin and features the V-Engine concept and Intercooler technology. This innovation guarantees absolutely quiet operations, and an efficient means of heat dissipation for the most stable performances.


The unique design of the V-Cool Heatsink will lower GPU temperatures by 10ºC in comparison to reference designed boards with 0dB noise generation; while the integrated SmartDoctor feature provides users with the option to overclock the Shader Clock for even better graphical performances.

Keeping in line with ASUS’ Rock Solid promise for quality, the EN9600GT SILENT/HTDI/512M comes with several solutions to provide top quality graphic performances. With the EMI shield, 66% EMI Interference can be reduced for more stable signals; while the DIP Spring Chokes can lower temperatures by 5~10oC in comparison with traditional Toroidal Coil Chokes. Additionally, the LF PAK MOS guarantees more efficient power with less heat generation.

Read on for more info and specificaitons.

The V-Cool Heatsink’s super racing car engine design stands as a testament to the unique and high-precision craftsmanship from ASUS; and combines a stylish outlook with powerful cooling performance. Phasing in the V-Engine concept*, the ideally arranged V-fins dissipate heat evenly with a minimum of space required; while the high-density zipper array fin module utilizes the Intercooler technology** to maximize the surface area exposed to the air to help heat dissipation. Additionally, three powerful heatpipes are arranged to enable the average temperature on the heatsink to enhance heat transfer effects, and the special material aluminum alloy used is lighter and provides excellent thermal conductivity. With such specialized features, the V-Cool Heatsink can quickly transfer heat away from the GPU and lower temperatures by a whopping 10ºC in comparison to reference design boards with 0dB noise generated.

ASUS garners a world’s first by providing an overclocking utility that is able to tweak the Shader Clock on GPUs with the new SmartDoctor. With this handy application, users will be able to overclock the Shader Clock and Engine Clock independently for astonishing performance boosts without the hassles of rebooting or re-flashing their BIOS.




Graphics Engine

GeForce 9600GT

Video Memory

512M DDR3

Engine Clock

650 MHz

Shader Clock


Memory Clock

1.8GHz (900MHz DDR3)

Memory Interface

256 bit

DVI Max. Resolution

2560 * 1600

Bus Standard

PCI Express 2.0

DVI Output

DVI-I * 2

HDCP compliant


HDMI Output

YES, via DVI to HDMI adaptor**

D-Sub Output

YES, via DVI to D-Sub adaptor

HDTV Output

YES, via HDTV Out cable

TV Output

YES, via S-Video to Composite

Adaptor/Cable Bundled

DVI-to-D-Sub adaptor

HDTV-out cable

Power Cable

DVI-to-HDMI adaptor

S/PDIF cable

Software Bundled

ASUS Utilities & Driver


**To enable HDMI audio out function, a motherboard with internal S/PDIF header and the correct connection of S/PDIF cable with graphics card and motherboard are needed.


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