Abit’s new AMD motherboard April 23, 2008

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abit has announced their latest AMD platform motherboard, the A-S78H, supporting ATI Hybrid CrossFireX Technology. The A-S78H is based on the AMD 780G chipset with ATI Radeon HD3200 Graphics and the SB700. It supports AMD AM2+/AM2 processors running HT3.0 up to 5200MT/s. It has four 240-pin DIMM sockets offer a maximum of 8GB memory capacity for Dual Channel DDR2 1066 modules. 1 x PCI-E X16, 1 x PCI-E X1, and 2 x PCI slots hold enough potential for further expansion and system upgrades with different add-on cards.

The ATI Hybrid CrossFireX Technology offers multi-GPU performance capabilities by enabling the integrated graphics processor and a discrete graphics processor to operate simultaneously with combined output to a single display for blisteringly-fast frame rates. Enabled hybrid graphics cards models so far include ATI HD2400XT, HD2400Pro, HD3470 and HD3450 based VGA cards, providing the ultimate visual experience.

Stay tuned for pricing and availability. Read on for specifications.


abit A-S78H

CPU Support

AMD Socket AM2/AM2+ Processors

System Bus

AM2+ runs HT3.0 5200MT/s, AM2 runs HT1.0 2000MT/S


AMD780G chipset with ATI Radeon HD3200 Graphics/SB700 chipset

Expansion Slots

1 x PCI-Ex16, 2 XPCI-Ex1, 3x PCI


Gigabit Ethernet


4X240-pin DIMM sockets support max. memory capacity 8GB

Dual channel DDR2 1066/800/667


6XSATA 3Gb/s connector


5.1-Channel HD

abit engineeredâ„¢

abit SoftMenu, abit EQ


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