Microsoft reduces price of Vista April 23, 2008

Filed under: Uncategorized — Urahara Kisuke @ 7:14 pm

 Microsoft has announced a price revision for its Windows Vista operating system. In Asia, Malaysia is the only market to enjoy the adjusted pricing offered thru local IT partners, and is one of the only two countries in the world to adopt this strategy. Depending on the editions of the Windows Vista, price adjustments range from 10 to almost 50 percent.

This is reflected in its OEM licensing offering, a move which presents the easiest and most attractively-priced option for purchasing Windows Vista preinstalled in a PC, as well as its stand-alone retail packs. According to Mr. KT Ng, Director, Client Business Group, Business Marketing Organization, the strategy will also increases the product’s relevance to the mainstream IT industry in view of the dropping prices of computer hardware and peripherals. As a result, the overall package is now more affordable to consumers, in addition to increasing user confidence in its genuine products.

Microsoft firmly believes that the increased affordability of Windows Vista Home Premium will enhance digital empowerment to a wider cross-section of Malaysian consumers and users and allow more to experience the rich features of a digital lifestyle. It will also ensure consumers and users’ computer are well protected from security attacks.


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